Food Chains, Food Webs and Ecosystems

Click on the links below to learn about food chains and webs. There are also interactive games to practice what you have learned.

NCDENR - Food Chain
Food Chain - Kid's Corner
Oceans Alive! | Life in the Sea | Predators and Prey
EEK! Environmental Education for Kids
Chain Reaction - Build a Food Chain
Food Chains Lesson Plan: The Food Fight Game | BrainPOP Educators
<head>Identify the Food Chains</head>
Gould League - Food Webs - build your own
Food Web - Menu
Create A Food Web
BBC - Science & Nature - Sea Life - Blue Planet Challenge

Log in to TrueFlix  and click on the Ecosystems tab to read books about Oceans, Deserts and more. Ask your teacher or librarian for the password.

Click on the links below to learn about careers in Science and the Environment.

Environmental Education for Kids - Career Zones
Science Jobs for Kids -
Scientists at the Smithsonian

Check out these books about food chains, food webs and ecosystems.

Species, Spaces and Relationships by Gillian Richardson ©2004.

Who Eats What? : Food Chains and Food Webs by Patricia Lauber ©1995.

The Food Chain: Under the Sea by Lynn M. Stone ©2002.

Pass the Energy, Please! by Barbara Shaw McKinney ©1999.

Food Chains and the Food Web in Our Backyard: Secrets of the Garden by Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld ©2012.

The Story Goes On by Aileen Fisher ©2002.

Here is the Wetland by Madeleine Dunphy ©1996.

Here is the Coral Reef by Madeleine Dunphy ©1998.

Desert Dinners : Studying Food Webs in the Desert by Julie Lundgren ©2009.












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